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Wearing of any items of private clothing/non school pattern of clothing is not permitted on any occasion including holidays. Parents are therefore advised not to send any item of private clothing along with their sons/wards.
Keeping of cash and other valuable articles including mobile phones transistors, tape recorders etc., is prohibited. Parents/Guardians are advised to send money in the form of crossed drafts only to the school. The name and Adm. No. of the student should be written clearly on the reverse of each draft. 

The school has installed four telephones in the dormitories for incoming calls. Parents/Guardians may contact their wards between 1400 hrs and 1600hrs and between2000 hrs and 2200 hrs on working days and anytime during the day on Sundays and Holidays. The telephone numbers are mentioned at para 45. In case of any query regarding fee, clothing etc., and the parents should contact the Registrar. The school telephone numbers are also given at para No. 45 of this prospectus. This school has got one PCO booth for local and STD calls where from the students are allowed to contact their parents on weekdays and Sundays.

Parents may visit their wards on 1st Sunday of each month between 1000 hrs and 1600 hrs. Visits on any other day are not permitted. Parents are not permitted to bring foodstuff for their wards. Parents/visitors are expected to be in possession of their PARENTS CARD while visiting the school. The Parents Card is issued at the time of fresh admission. Any visitor whose identity is not known is not permitted to enter the campus. The school has no accommodation for overnight stay of visitors. Parents/Guardians coming from outstation are therefore advised to make their own arrangements for stay in the town.

The school does not permit the students to go out of the school campus so long as the academic session is in progress except in very exigent circumstances. Parents and guardians are advised to plan celebrations/functions only during school vacations.

The session for Classes VI to XII (except class XI) commences in April while for class XI, the session starts in Jun. The school closes for summer vacation for 50 days in April-May and for winter vacation for 20 days in December-January every year. All students are required to go home during the vacations.

Parents/Guardians of the students of classes VI to VIII are required to collect their sons/wards from the school on commencement of vacation/break and bring them back on reopening of school. Students who are not collected within 24 hours from the commencement of vacations may be sent home at the risk of parents/guardians. Senior students (Classes IX to XII) will be permitted to go home unescorted under their own arrangements.

Any absence from the school during the session without genuine reasons is not permitted. Parents/Guardians are advised not to detain their wards at home on expiry of the vacation/outpass, failing which a fine of Rs 500/- per day will be imposed on the students. The students having less than 75% of the attendance are not permitted to appear in the Annual Examination.INSURANCE COVER All students are insured for an amount of Rupees One Lakh for a period of 5 years for death and disability. A one time premium is required to be paid by the parents on initial admission.
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