1. Details of Sexual Harassment Committe Members

    Mrs L Bhabini Devi, TGT Biology
    Contact No.: 9436833257

    Mrs Sarjoo L, TGT English

    Mrs N Sunita Devi, Headmistress, SFS

2. Steps for filing complaints

    (Details will be kept confidential by the school authority of the complainant)

    Step 1: Complaints received by Email/ Registered Post/ Dropbox or Mobile Comm.

    Step 2: Jurisdiction Check.

    Step 3: Introductory Call with the Complainant.

    Step 4: Introductory Call with the respondent.

    Step 5: Forward the complaint copy to the Respondent.

    Step 6: Follow up with the Complainant on her choice of redressal option.

    Step 7: Examination of Complainant, Respondent and Witnesses

    Step 8: Cross Examination.

    Step 9: Calling

3. Complaint can be sent through

    By Drop box kept outside Ladies Staff Room

    By Email of the Committee Members

    By Mobile No.